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I bought the game yesterday behause of this cool ingame music and now the music changed with the update today. I want the old soundtrack back. Maybe it should be possible to change the ingame music?


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I agree we should be able to revert to the original music. I am definitely screwed as I hadn't updated to the LAST version as I figured I wouldn't get to space that soon. NOW in order to get endless mode I have to give up the original music... Just because a couple people decided a single word was their outrage for the day? NO FAIR... Life is ruined :D

Help me o BS Bros... Help a fan to get at least the LAST version! Now I'M outraged! :mrgreen:

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To be honest, we put together that patch while in a panic with the sole purpose of removing that profanity (and, at the time, we were also suddenly concerned about the rights we had to that song in the first place -- which is now happily resolved). App stores take maturity ratings issues really seriously. We just got flagged by Google Play because our games allow player-to-player messaging (via BscotchID) which means it has to be more restrictive than the E rating we gave it!

We're still finishing the real, non-emergency patch, so we'll see what we can do.

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Well, you have to re-rate the games again, thx to Google's new policy - Google app store gets more oversight

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