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Is there a way to paste your Butterscotch id password into the password login box when you sign in within in the game?

I foolishly got 1password to generate a long password and I can't see anyway to paste the password in.

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When signing in to the game? No, the keyboard is limited and there's no such thing as a copy/paste function. However, once you're signed in it does remember your password so you only have to do it once. And there's no fear of anyone being able to steal it if they get their hands on your device, because there's no way to find out what it is. If you sign out and back in you'll have to re-type your password, but then again you stay logged in for as long as you want.

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Unfortunately, it's a limitation of Game Maker (the software we built Flop Rocket in) that it has no access to the clipboard on Android. But we're harassing the developers of Game Maker to get that working, so we will see what happens...

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