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some things that need to be done in my opinion

Flop dat rocket all the way to SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!
hey! im kinda new to this forum but i find BS's games to be the best ive played recently!
flop rocket has made some great impressions and has great potential, but i do think a lot of improvements are to be made, nothing serious just slight tweaks.

-there's an issue if the game does not pause if interrupted by a 3rd party (i.e phone call, push notification like low battery) the game should auto pause.

- pause button should be bigger/ more accessable. what can you say, sometimes you just HAVE to pause. the game's pause button is so tiny it way to oftenly thinks im thrusting instead of trying to pause and it makes you lose control of your ship which in this game every mili second counts.

-theres a bug with the teleporter which sometimes teleports you right on top of a cave worm.i don't really know if thats how its supposed to be..but even more than that, i once got teleported BETWEEN the teleporter's pad/platform and the floor and simply got stuck there taking damage till i inevitably died, which also ruined a good run.

- duck cannon upgrade/damage bonus ratio: the duck cannon upgrades really do not upgrade much at all. from level 3 upgrade to the max all i got was 1 hit less to kill the weakest space ducks, not to mention the giant pink ones still take over 12 shots to kill. maybe add a crit chance?........... fix the damage per upgrade rate?..... maybe decrease their hitpoints?.. or this is just your intention? if so i would know these upgrades are worthless and not invest in them in the first place

speaking of chances, i would probably add an option in the game which you can upgrade or costs juice for greater chances in the game to just have these random floating buffs, more odds to come across black holes etc...

- i would like to be able to set the amount of thrust and agility to the level i desire it to be. i got it to an upgrade level which just goes way too fast for my play style and it just makes the game too difficult and annoying. now not only this, i wanted to delete the save to start from scratch, try to upgrade it only to the level i was used to this time but the profile is being saved to the cloud and i cannot delete the save since there is no save manager anywhere. might consider adding that too.
when i tried to delete it the game just rolled me back to the anonymous not buttered up save with all the upgrades locked and when i wanted to log to my BSID it just got my cloud save back......
aint that rediculous?.. i dont really wanna create a new BSID and butter up again just for this, quite frankly i dont think anyone should have to.

plus sometimes the rocks are so random they just have no space to squeeze in between them, speakin of sacrifice haha

if all these will work out i know the game experience would go from fantastic to perfect.
also maybe consider adding a little sound effect to the ship's thrust? :)
nothing much, something like a swoosh or a jetpack sound..

-also i dont know the difference between agility and thrust, they appear to just make the same thing.. dont really know what N stands for, and the agility adds torque? like as acceleration?
accelerating faster does not necessarily mean you're more agile, actually it just forced me to be more careful with my thrust because every tiny tap could mean my end between those tight narrow rock spaces...


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I agree with most of these points. I do think the thrust and torque should be adjustable. I have left mine at a couple pops each as I got used to it and am afraid to change it.

I don't think the game generates tight spots that are not passable however. If you keep your left thumb on the wheel you can make the smallest gesture to slow your ship and slide between them. In fact I was delighted there are so few really tiny spots that it spawns overall. Plus you feel like a badass when you slip right through them. Well I do... as inept as I usually am with odd controls.

Then again I bought the full unlock for my son and was surprised to see him basically one-handing his entire runs... He would angle the ship a bit and then leave the wheel alone. Don't know how he manages to refuel right next to a rock,etc... Just shows as a designer you never know how someone will actually USE your software. I'll have to set him straight :D

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i do wish though there was some way to know if they pay any attention to their community's requests, if they even agree with them or what they plan to do about it.......
it makes ya feel like youre being ignored...
no matter how much i try i just CANT REACH SPACE!!!!!! :<

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I hope you're just kidding, because Bscotch Bros. listen to the community. They added Endless mode, they lowered max upgrades amount to get a BS Perk and much more! And don't put the "I can't reach the space" on Bscotch Bros. that's only up to you.

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Everyone that has been on this forum and their community for some time will agree with what etrusan said. The brothers always try to fix problems if they can and helped me on several occasions. But they still also have other things to do like fighting cancer and making crashlands more amazing every time the work on it and also have gdc stuff going on right now. They have to set priorities!

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I'm 100% with Etrusan.
Bscotch Brothers listen heavily on the small community here on the forum and on the G+ group.

There are two reasons they probably haven't answered your post:

- Other persons already answered your post, that were already answered before for some part.
We're not Butterscotch but we spent some time with them, so I believe there are some things we can answer close to what their answer would be (especially when the Etrusan, who already made the suggestions answers to you when you do the exact same suggestion) :)
And Etrusan here is a damn fine rocket specialist and world leader on Flop Rocket, so you can trust him. He's crazy but he knows his subject.

- They are busy working on Crashlands and IT'S GONNA BE WORTH IT!

You also need to keep in mind:

- They are three brothers working on their fabulous games. They can't do everything for everyone and they have to make some compromises. They do listen to the community though.
As an example, additional game modes for Quadropus and Flop Rocket were forum suggestions. There are also some suggestions that weren't added.

- All their games are skill-based. You are free to try the game, and you already need skill for the free version. Once you Buttered Up, your progress is only up to your skill. So be patient, practice a lot and you'll get to space eventually! ;)
If you're not okay with the principle of "die & retry" (or something like that), that may be a problem though. You'll need some (a lot) of deaths before getting to space (usually 150-200 try or even more I think). The same goes for their other games. You have to play a lot, have a lot of failure before your first success. But it's worth it, because once you've reached space, you'll get an awesome feeling of accomplishment.

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YOOO! Thanks for the feedback Adamland!

We are normally more active on the forums, but we're in the midst of GDC right now so we're away from our computers most of the day. We'll dig through all your feedback and see what we can do!

Definitely agreed on the auto-pause and pause button size issues in particular.

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hey guys, im really embarrased about the latest reply,
actually i was just around saying "i hope they see these posts" while my friend wrote the comment behind my back. i actually am fully aware of how the bros listen and reply here, i saw the post about further updates and it was so spontaneous they just ADDED that endless mode. its super awesome.
i myself havent gotten to space yet but i hit the milestone just before that, still working on it.
i am sorry about that reply and if you can please pretend it was never posted.
(i wanted to post this as fast as i can without reading further comments i also saw a BS bro responded, i will add my comment for this in edit mode since its just important i will post this to make myself clear)

edit: love this community, made me laugh as well as feel awkward about that lame reply of mine.(i'll take the blame, after all it was made under my name)
thank you seth i am looking forward to hear your thoughts about the other suggestions :)

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