Flop dat rocket all the way to SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!
Im asking this question for Flop Rocket, but it could apply to the other games as well. Is there a wikia page or something similar that describes the upgrades and what each one is capable of?

I am steadily getting better at Flop Rocket, I really sucked in the beginning but I have made some progress. STILL haven't reached space, but Im sure I will eventually get there. Much more sure than when I first started the game.

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Not to my knowledge!

We've sort of unofficially decided to leave wiki-type content to our players (if they want). We can already barely afford the time to keep the forums running, and each game would require its own wiki content so THINGS WOULD GET OUT OF CONTROL AHHHHHHH!!!

Which is all to say: I bet some other forum users would be interested in helping to get a Flop Rocket wiki started :)

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There is a wikia for towelfight but not for the other ones i think. I am pretty sure though there will be one for crashlands :)

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I volunteer as tribute... who was working on that? I'd love to have a full wikia on BS games.

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I think @Inferiorpickle was, not sure if he's been around in a while, though. I've still got the towelfight batched assets in a folder I sent over if you need them.

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