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@bscotchsam Nice quick talk! So basically there were 3 kinds of monetisation then: (I may have misheard the terms...)

1. Experience
2. Progression
3. Customisation

And my feelings towards it resonate with your results: 1 is the fulfilling kind. Not because of the pets though (I got 2 from the Perks, but I would get them only after upgrades). There was the Butter Up, which not only removed ads, but made the premium currency not so rare, which allowed me to spend Dobloons on Grubby without worrying. Then there's the orb doubler, another permanent nice one. I initially resisted the idea, and just waited for the orbs. But then I saw the Orb -> Dobloon conversion and the rate was not bad at all. So it clicked: I get the upgrades, the pets AND buy wares from Grubby. Excellent!

Thus, I really like it, because it is almost a premium experience. Of course, on your side, perhaps it wasn't that good, since it also means your profit is mostly finite (aside from people who really want dobloons immediately).

I wouldn't buy 2 because it would take the game from me. If I had not earned those upgrades and masteries, I would value them much less, and wouldn't care to learn how to play the game after all.

And 3 is really low priority to me, so it would come after pets (and dobloon conversion!)

That said, I am only talking about me and my reasoning. I have no idea who your audience is and how they behave except from your analysis on talks and on the podcast. I also don't know if I think like most of them.

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Thanks for the link!

In the talk, you mention spending no money on marketing. As someone working in marketing, I see all around me that a successful marketing campaign basically allows you to buy $1000 for $500*. There's a lot of work that goes into tracking this and making sure you're actually calculating real costs like overhead (and factoring in opportunity cost) but at the end of the day, marketing allows you to buy money at a discounted rate. I know you guys actually spend a ton of time on marketing, but why not money? Is it a matter of lack of domain knowledge? What if theoretically someone offered to provide marketing services on a commission basis (sort of similar to the fine folks at Fat Bard providing audio assets on a commission basis, though obviously adding a very different kind of value to the equation) - is that something you would still be opposed to?

* The actual multipliers have to with many factors including diminishing returns and the quality of your product - even Clash of Clans has to start with something that looks like an appealing game in order to spend millions of dollars to make billions of dollars.

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As for the "Why not money?", the answer is simple: to spend money you need to have some spare money (like in "to do more than just live"), which was not the case until Crashlands ;)
They talked about it at least once or twice somewhere, that they did not have enough money to pay the three of them or something like that, so they counterbalanced the lack of money with a huge amount of time :)

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Not having money is all the more reason to spend money on getting more money! But I get what you're saying, and totally understand it's not that easy, especially when the app stores take as long as they do to pay out. It's why the rich get richer etc. etc.

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