Rockin it and Rocket Scientist Perk

Flop dat rocket all the way to SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!
Will I still get the Crashlands sidequest without Butterup when I get all the free upgrades? (Rockin it)

Also getting the Flop Rocket Jectile without Butterup is impossible as it needs 80 upgrades while the free only have 4 upgrade types with 8 levels each. I don't mind the upgrades getting locked behind Butterup but I want to get the Flop Rocket Jectile.I mean its just a bonus content (Rocket Scientist)

Also sorry for bad English

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I think that's the only (or one of the very few) perks that requires ButterUp. It's just a consequence of how Flop Rocket is monetized. But you're right, it's just bonus content so you'll be fine without it ;)

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Ok, Thanks for the reply.I just found collecting Jectiles amusing.

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I don't know if you cannot buy it, but if you can, go for it. Flop Rocket is, by far, the best BS game after buttering up. I held up only because I thought it would get too easy, but not only it did not get easier cheaply (I still struggled for some days until winning, so it's still a hard game!), it got a lot more dynamic, fast paced and FUN (it was getting pretty frustrating after 2km).

And the rocket rules on Roid Rampage! If you play very slowly, that is.

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What @NirnaethArnediad said is utter blasphemy and completely wrong. Flop Rocket is the worst game and it's horrible and should be removed from every damn store in existence! It's too hard, I've been trying to beat it for far too long : (
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Actually a majority of players seem to prefer this game over the others ones.

In my opinion, this is the game where you get the most of the Butterup (because you can beat Forn and Pete without a Butterup, and it's already hours of fun ; Roid Rage is Roid Rage). So go Butterup if you haven't already.

However, even if I like it, I don't love it as much as the other games, and I still don't know why! ^^

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Alright I'm going to ButterUpgrade Flop Rocket,but not today.

Edit: Done! also upgraded Roid Rage because of the unlockable ships.(I use a different email account for the ID.It is not the same account for Google play)

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Umm I finished the rockin it perk but its not giving me the quest and I already talked to them before I finished the perk does that mean I can't get the perk anymore, if not pls do something

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If they dont give you the quest in Crashlands continue questing. You will get to a point when they will give it to you.

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