What do you invest in first as far as upgrades?

Flop dat rocket all the way to SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!
1)Magnet- to get some big bucks rolling in, even on less than stellar runs.
2) Fuel- Means I can play for longer at a gentler tilt
3) Duck cannon- Turns annoying obstacles into mobile coin piñatas
4) Escape Pod- as invariably I will get a junk caveworm spawn and kamikaze to spite it

Or as is now the case, whatever I can afford after a couple runs.

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Re-downloading Flop Rocket nao. I'm deeply shamed by this, but I rage-uninstalled.

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Oh, also in terms of currency conversion rates:
1 USD = 44 PHP


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Don't worry @IsisEden. I did the same thing. XD the important thing is you're back now. Get lost in the magic that is FRv2.

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