interns?! steve?

This game is tiny and infuriating!
Hey guys,

I finally managed to get above 40 juice. So of course I recruited steve..

.. but, nothing changed - at least nothing I noticed?

Can you give me heads up what the interns are supposed to do?

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They are supposed to crash so they can be tossed around in space... I would say that's about it

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You got it! The Interns allow you to fling interns to their deaths.

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Now your intern just has a name, so you can mourn his loss.... over and over and over and over again. :3

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Hehe.. nice.

I was hoping for some modification.

But it doesn't matter now.. I now know the secret to success.

106 juice. And only died because I wanted to go to sleep.

"Whaaat?" you ask.

The answer is: To succeed in roid rage, you first have to get to space in flop rocket :)

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You got 106 with the rocket?

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On the other hand I can understand. If you're really careful and patient you can move extremely slowly and avoid the asteroids easily with the Rocket.

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My high score was 25 until I beat Flop Rocket now it's 115!

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