Flavor Laser Perk

This game is tiny and infuriating!
Uhh no You dont need to butter up all you have to do is defeat em and buttering up just makes it easier for you :x and after you do that you get 30 juices so fornlaser show happens 3 times and then you talk to ziztik hes like {hmmm..........uhhmm... Bag Mother Has something weird in it go to this specific place you go there theres the first spaceship you get from roid rage you put 4 light vasses from the satgatt working station you make em put around it you go somewhere else you find a fornlaser you are able to use it 20 secs at a time it stands for 5 seconds than shuts and its liek also flashing so most of the time you cant even hit that much enemies but still its pretty usefull sometimes and if you cobine other things with it you can kill alot of things in once sorry my reply is long and its ok if you dont read it :blush: }

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