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This game is tiny and infuriating!
The score between the normal ships and flop rocket should be different.

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Yup, with FR you can spend infinite amount of time just slowly flying and drinking juice. If you have that much time of course.

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Juice/min stat too :D

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each of the bss bros as characters

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After setting a personal best of 725 I can definitely say that the bureau ship is definitely Op (If that hasn't been clear before) The flop rocket probably is too but that one just doesn't work out for me, so I really can't comment on it...

Rather than nerfing those though I suggest buffing the rocktangle and the stabatron.
Rocktangle: definitely shouldn't loose the lucky coin when in dashing mode and should probably shoot out a shock wave when the dash is over
Stabatron: should probably have a laser that gets work done faster to be at least somewhat compareble to forns laser and have a second or so of invulnerabilty afterwards

That might still not bring them into the realm of the bureau ship but at least they would be better than they are now :)

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