24 Free Assorted ButterUps! (Edit: none left)

This game is tiny and infuriating!
Edit: All ButterUps have been given!

Hey everyone! So, over the past few months I've had some spare change accumulate in my Google Opinion Rewards account, and I didn't know what to do with it. I figured, hey, you guys are a great community, so why not share some buttery goodness with everyone?! As it stands, I have 30 Roid Rage ButterUps just waiting to be given to some new friends. Proof: https://imgur.com/a/FSz3a. So, if anyone wants to have a buttery Roid Rage experience, all you need to do is add me as a friend. For those that are new to these forums, my BscotchID is "parzival98" (without the quotation marks). These Butters Up only work for Roid Rage, and I will Butter Up the first 30 people that send a friend request to me. I will also edit this whenever I get a chance, to update on how much butter is left to go around.

Update: So, after some things and stuff happened, I now instead have 8 Roid Rage Butter Ups to give, 6 Flop Rocket Butter Ups to give, 4 Quadropus Rampage Butter Ups to give, and 5 Towelfight 2 Butter Ups to give. You'll need to add me as a friend, and then send me a message telling me what game(s) you want to have Buttered Up. You also need to be on Android, due to some weird operating system specific things that I don't understand in the slightest.

Last updated on Mar. 2, 2018
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@parzival98 That's super nice of you! If you're still giving these away, the Discord would be a great place to do it.

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@bscotchAdam Oh yeah, I forgot about the Discord! Thanks for reminding me! I'll be sure to do so! I think I should keep this up for now, at least until I run out of Butter Ups, since there's a chance some people will only know about the Forums and not the Discord. I'll make sure to take it down once they're all given away, though.

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