How do you play Roid Rage?

This game is tiny and infuriating!
That's because there's no slidewheel! :P

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yesterday i hit 30!

usually i go UP...because my finger cover the view :mrgreen:
when i play this game i want to trow my phone on the river near home :twisted:

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If it's the river of juice, then why not :D

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Since Flop Rocket is my favourite BScotch game so far (I am sure CL will beat it into a pulp when I finally shell out the money to get it!), I made it quite quickly into spaaaaace.
Now, I'm taking my sweet old time in Roid Rage with my newly unlocked Flop Rocket. It's a much calmer game now :)


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Yeah, Flop Rocket in Roid Rage is a thing!

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I'm currently playing with Flux and the Escape Pod. OMG 3x better than what I used to get.

Which isn't much seeing as I've got from single digits up to a whoooooooole 26. XD

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Mea one day you will break the record! It only takes practice, and patience and no nearby rivers.

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I got to 58 with turtanga and the friendly jockey... 2 more...

How bad did it feel to die?


Extremely bad

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Did that at 59 last time.

The worst feeling is reaching 40+ with an Anonymous/guest save. THIS is frustrating.

Now I just use all those overpowered things unlocked through perks XD

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I have to put it out: before the Forn lasers, I just couldn't play for more than 5 minutes before being so, so infuriated I could go underwater beat some minions. After it, I just started liking it. They are so cool.

I go left. It's the best direction for me since my right thumb dominates that region, and blocks my vision (the left thumb only appears when needed, and only on the corner). I go back for juice only if there are few asteroids near it.

I didn't try the flop rocket much to get used to it, but seemed interesting. I'd prefer the wheel, but then it had to be reverse, otherwise it's even worse for me.

It's not my least favorite game gameplay-wise. That would be Towelfight 2 (I mean, I don't even know what's happening on the screen most of the time). I really like it for many reasons that have nothing to do with the gameplay, though.

Feelings after losing: Really bad. Though I've felt worse on Flop Rocket (that damn duck!) and the worst on Quadropus (those eels! Ugh!).

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