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How do you play Roid Rage?

This game is tiny and infuriating!
left, right, left, right, left, right, around in a left loop, around a right loop, straight into an asteroid. >.> May not actually make that many turns though. XD

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I just search aimlessly hoping not to die.....again.

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I love that this is one of two questions that could be asked about Roid Rage gameplay, and it was polled.

I'm more a down and left person myself.

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I suppose the other thing you could ask is, "How does it feel when you die in Roid Rage?"

- Bad
- Really Bad
- Extremely Bad

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@bscotchAdam? Well i don't know but it just feeled so strange to go left when many games teach you to go right (i really wouldnt want to change that) but i'm just more comortable going left in this game and wanted to know how other people felt about this ... also maybe i was bored^^

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Up, my reaction time is better going up. I've tried go every direction, but up always worked best for me, and but go back unless I'm really sure I can make it back.

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@Bscotchseth I can't answer that since it can be each reaction depending on the way I died

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I go into the upper left corner and only go back for juice if it is easily reachable. What is the ability of the flop rocket?

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The flop rocket fires a bunch of duck cannon projectiles at asteroids, though you have to aim it. And it controls exactly like it does in the game Flop Rocket, so it has a unique way of handling relative to the other ships!

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