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It doesn't have anything to do with brunch.
SO just something I wanted to throw out to everyone I kinda wish there was a game like crashlands but had to do with space like a FTL game based around this lore, I personally LOVE the lore and everything that goes with it lol....Unless the next game is spaceship themed O_O

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I am so stoked to see a potential multiplayer game from you guys. Imagine the mayhem!?! And I think making it premium is a much better choice than making it free with IAP's.

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:bslogo: for the win! I was having a really gif conversation with a buddy of mine and he is really in love with online multiplayer games. I like them alright myself but you guys have me all buttered up thinking about another game from you. You guys have a great habit of making a game very fun and keeping it fresh throughout.

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I hope this game gets going this year. It's been awhile and no name has been given or any solid detail to the structure besides the genre.
Really wanna see this developer become what blizzard has for pc to mobile games.
They produced hit after hit and then crashlands came is crushed it.
Would love to see a follow up just as big if not bigger .
Too bad they can't charge for a dlc on mobile like you can on consoles

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