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It doesn't have anything to do with brunch.
Just thinking here, I think it would be cool if eventually you could have different pvp modes with the multiplayer like 2v2 or ffa

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So I know you guys probably dont want to answer this but in all the main games (the ones with more or less a story) we have fought one of forns trio. but now weve fought them all. Whos next? Are we going to fight all of them? Maybe they created a serum that would bring them back to life. maybe they put a syringe with a needle in all of their chinstraps and or helmets and or crown? (Pete doesnt appear to have a chinstrap or a helmet) This could explain how pete came back in quadropus rampage.

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Ooooh, you should read into Pete a bit more. There's a reason he doesn't wear the official garb of his people. No spoilers but it's not random. ^_^

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