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It doesn't have anything to do with brunch.
Yeah, we just went to the dropdown menu and hit the "finish games" button, so now it's all in Apple's hands!

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What are you thinking you might add??? Don't tell if it's a SECRET. Also, What is the correct website for downloading it?
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The narwhal prototype is DEAD, so even if you find it it won't be playable (the server functions and database tables no longer exist! ).

The game as we currently envision it is VERY different from the prototype, and will likely change a lot more by the time we start development. So we'll keep it secret ;).

We won't start that project for a while. It's the next big thing we plan to do, but we want to do a few small projects to recover from Crashlands.

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Small projects! Like Roid Rage or Flop Rocket? I'm already excited!

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Indeedilydoo. Looking forward to whatever comes next from Butterscotch Shenanigans, all your games are awesome and I can understand the break will be very much needed after all the run around Crashlands is giving y'all. I'm sure by now you have a million ideas floating around, can't wait to see what explodes from your minds when the time comes. ^_^

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I have no idea how to download it or if I can even download it ;(

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You can't download it anymore/yet.

For now, it's Crashlands' time!
Then the bros will get back to other projects. I'd say, come back early 2016, after Crashlands' release to have more info :)
Or wait until a bro comes and gives you info.

And welcome here! :)

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Will you guys make this for mobile?

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