Episode 3: Butterscotch Retreat

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@Fweebers Steam doesn't have anything like that, so far as I'm aware. The Steam Key system is the same for all games, and since the purchase happens completely outside of things we control there is no way for us to associate keys with your account unless you do that manually. I'll come up with a way to make that easy!

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I've got that example with The Secret World.
You get your key on Steam and have an option directly on the game website to register this CD-Key and associate it with your account. Pretty easy for the player if it is explained correctly. The setup part may be harder though, but it is possible.

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This game keeps getting better! I can't wait to play. I think it's a good call to pay up front for the game based on how big and how much work is put into it. The new size sounds like endless fun and the spice/juice factors are what will make this game one of the best out there. Your huge numbers remind me of a new game in development for pc and console called No Man's Sky. It's infinite space exploration with 18 quintillion worlds (yes you read that right). Keep up the hard work and stay strong through your cancer treatment!

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Woooooooooooo! No Man's Sky looks really awesome!

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Yeah, I'm pretty pumped for No Man's Sky, although I'm still not sure what the actual gameplay is... Every trailer I see just has the player walking around, running around, or flying around and not really interacting with much of anything.

Is there a new video out?

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Not from what I've seen but it reminded me of crash lands alpha. I figure they are working on a story mode. Or it could be like Spore and give you general directions to go with a vast place to explore

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