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Episode 12 : A pint to the Lizard Kingdom

Listen to the podcasts and read the blog!
This episode we ramp up the community questions and let our answers go where they please. The result is more than a little ridiculous. Couch your commentary here, and check out the podcast and outline over at the blog.

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Awesome podcast as always!

Also, I like your way of having only a vague idea of what you'll do next :)

Thing under is a spoiler. Listen to the podcast BEFORE.

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Wheeeeeeee. I agree with SpoilersMcGee up a post there. There would be a ton of fun to be had with that. I like it!

Also excellent podcast as usual. I wanted more. That was going places... fun places. And I'm not quite at work yet. XD

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Yayyyy !!!
Im really looking forward to all that you guys intend to do. Heres to success!

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BIG MILESTONE! This is our first podcast that broke 100 listens on its first day. MAKING STRIDES!

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That part about the ice cream flavor is killing me! You guys are too funny. We went from funny ice cream to questionable ice cream, then onwards to gross mixture ice cream. After that we stop at the weaponized ice cream, and make our stop at high-fiving lizard people because I can't get through the pint box XD! Love it!

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That little tangent is still one of my absolute favorites.

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