Episode 25: Perpetual Blood Circle

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@dollface We should use your willpower for a greater good. Like lifting trucks with your mind. I'm 99% certain that's how that works.

@Allenmb We plan on one a week until FOREVAAAAA! In an ideal scenario we end up with bajillions. But, if my math is correct, if we expect that all of us live for another 50 years, that'll net us another 2,600 episodes. So that's the goal. 2,600 episodes of Coffee with Butterscotch.

Prepare your ears.

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~2600 hours more of sweet Butterscotch awesomeness! :D

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Now ~double that number for all the Butterscotch awesomeness that will be the time we spend on their games :D

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In 50 years, we should be able to produce WELL OVER 2,600 hours of gaming content. :D

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Guess I forgot to factor in that you will be able to push out games like crashlands in a 2-day jam by that time :D

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Where's the like button.... We need like buttons!!!

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I don't understand the problem with my kills cowering before the ultimate murder I grant them. I think of the creatures as babies and smile while smiting. :bslogo:

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