Ep 55 - Disapproval Noodle

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We're now at capacity, having finished DUPLICATING our studio size this very week! In this episode we talk a bit about Pokemon Go, on the off chance you've never heard of it. Also, Sam tells us about the chocolate demon he summoned.

https://soundcloud.com/butterscotch-she ... val-noodle


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Not sure if this is the book Carol was referencing, but I totally had this Chocolate Fever book as a kid: https://mourningdove23.wordpress.com/20 ... ok-review/

If the book is accurate then you may consider putting some vanilla candy in your pocket to counteract the effects of the chocolate demon.

I also remember reading a book where a kid goes into an alternate dimension where Ketchup is the most delicious dessert food in the world. Not that that's related to anything.

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Vote more Carol Brit impressions! <3

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I'm pretty sure it was Chocolate Fever that I was thinking of! It would have been early-90s era, so it's gotta be the one. Someone else suggested it may have been a book called "The Chocolate Touch," but I have such vague memories that I can't figure which one it would've been!

ALSO I cringed so hard when I listened to that British impression omg.

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Would you consider releasing the tutorial you ran with the Girls Scouts? If you did already, would you be willing to deep link it here or on the podcast announcement page? I'd like to run it with my kids if it's available.

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It's the basic "catch a clown" tutorial that comes with Gamemaker, reversed a bit to make it more interesting. You could do something similar by just working with that same tutorial in small steps (starting with essentials like the room, then building on top of that with sprites, objects, and so on), checking the progress of the build regularly.

That said, I dunno what plans might be to release the reworked tutorial!

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Take chocolate, add a pocket, throw in a new phone and you have @bscotchsam summoning that damn chocolate demon. Nice addition woth @bscothCarol guys.

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