Ep 61 - Pleading the 4th

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The team mourns the death of premium games AGAIN (and are clearly in the denial phase). They also discuss the great potential of the Druid Olympics, and have a deep discussion about the zombie/vampire conundrum.

https://soundcloud.com/butterscotch-she ... ng-the-4th

Doobeedeee, doobeedodooo, doobeedeee, doobeedodooo, doobeedeedoodoodoodoobeedeedoodoo, doobeedee, doobooboodoooooo

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In most modern depictions Zombies spread their lust for brains via diseases right? Vampires are often thought to be immune to diseases, ergo in most cases nothing happens... probably?

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So was there never a discussion thread for Ep 60? I had something to say about it, but now I forgot.

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My bad, sorry. D:

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C'mon guys, quaternions aren't too hard to understand.

You've just got i^2=j^2=k^2=ijk=-1 and noncommutative multiplication. Scalar and vector parts. C'mon, guys. They're just four-dimensional numbers. Gosh. :geek:

But seriously, quaternions are awesome.

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Well when you put it THAT way!

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