Ep 65 - Respect the Swear

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There are spiders everywhere now that the team has moved into the brand new podcasting dungeon. The team talks about upcoming plans, the studio's penchant to pivot, and how managing merge conflicts is more universally relevant than you might think.

https://soundcloud.com/butterscotch-she ... -the-swear


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I found three beetle like creatures in my dorm room the other day. I caught them in a cup one by one and brought them outside.
Then I stepped on them and left the bodies as warning to future beetles that dare trespass.

I am not a nice person...
Sorry beetles...
Just maybe don't come into my room please, there's nothing here for you.

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You should add an option where people can join each other in game. Or add an invite friend option in the profile section or something.
That would make Crashlands a lot better.

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That's not a feasible plan for us right now, unfortunately!

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