Ep 67 - Slinging the Banhammer

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Seth watched too many baby rhinoceros GIFs to participate in the podcast this week, so Adam, Carol, and Sam's fancy wedding shoes take the reigns. The team takes to the open seas to talk about their battles with pirates, the oncoming deluge of events, the importance of D&D, and the forthcoming plans for a remastered Quadropus. (WHAAAAAAAT)

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Y'all got thoughts?

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I enjoyed the D&D discussion in this ep. I haven't played D&D or any tabletop RPGs in years, but I have listened to several podcasts that are essentially RPG let's-plays. For instance, The Adventure Zone is a great one where the Brothers McElroy and Daddy McElroy play D&D.

Have you checked out any non-D&D RPGs? I’ve been interested lately in the various spinoffs of Apocalypse World after listening to the Friends at the Table podcast, on which they have played several of these. That system is less focused on combat and stats and more focused on narrative as the play mechanic. The moves are very loose and vague; you just say "I’m going to do this thing" and you roll a die to see if you did the thing. But all the rules are set up to encourage the players and GM to make narratively interesting choices.

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I think they mentioned that D & D podcast before

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The Adventure Zone is AMAZING.

I know of, but haven't played, lots of other non-D&D RPGs. I just never had an easy entry into trying one out, though that will soon change.

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I played a D and D game once. It was hilarious. My friend had written this whole story and was trying to make it a serious game. So of course, me and my other friend did everything we possibly could to break the game.
I think my character was Batman and the other guy was a It's Always Sunny character armed with a rat stick.
One of the first things we did was buy a space ship and land it on top of some aliens. since I was Batman, I was immediately racked with guilt for killing those aliens.
We didn't play any more D&D after that day.

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