Ep 68 - Creepy Clown Club

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After a long weekend of festivals and festivities, Seth, Adam, and I take on a question smorgasbord. A series of segues leads to a discussion of sore subjects, the Butterscotch voice, the greatest game villains, and the curse of the “dream game.”



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1. I got the full house reference. It was hilarious.
2. I was confused about the free to play discussion. I have to listen to that again. What I got is basically if you need to make a profit, and you don't have the resources to market and churn out content, maybe you should charge money up front? I think there are some exceptions to this though, for example, if you just want a lot of people to play your game. Also, some games are free with IAPs that just unlock more content. I think that can be sold to your core audience that wants to support you. It probably won't make you tons of cash though. (I think that is similar to what Super Mario Run is going to try.)
3. On telling kids to shut up and sit down: US schools are more free and allow more creativity than some other countries. For example, China has so much competition, you have to work super hard to get the best grades. Maybe the US is moving towards that, but it's still pretty good relatively. Also, I think you can't just let kids do whatever they want, part of the creative process is having boundaries. You work with what you have. We do have to consider that some kids just don't want to do work ever. As stated in another discussion, maybe it's just how the concept is presented to you, but I think sometimes its just laziness and unwillingness to do the work. Some things are just going to be hard to do. Making excuses and blaming other people or the school system won't do anything.

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