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[Semi-Fixed] could not retrieve campaign information

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Hey all, I just recently joined the Butterscotch group :) would love to play Crashlands, bought it, downloaded it, made my ID and all but when I try to start a new game it says,"could not retrieve campaign information, check your internet connection"

My connection is working but this error still comes up, I live in South Africa, could that be a problem? I dont think so but please help me out

Sorry for posting in here, just needed help
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having the same trouble also

Note 5 N9208 Android 5.1.1

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Looking into it! I'll bump this thread once I figure out what's going on.

Have either of you played on another device? If you re-install the game, does the error go away?
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I've got the same message on Steam version
What I found out:

Right after I try to create New Game it crashes(right after I enter the savegame name) - tried several times
After I signed in with my bscotch ID, it started to crash right after startup
I deleted the content's of %appdata% library, now at least I can watch the main menu
Reinstalling doesn't help, didn't play on other platform

I've got accented character "á" in my windows user name, it caused some problems before with other games, maybe that's the problem

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reinstalling works...first install didnt get the download mission campaign while second time it was downloading after logging in

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I've made a local user in windows without accented letters, I could create a working new game that way

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Hi !
I bought Crashlands and I've had problems trying to start a new game, please help me!

My PC details are:
Core 2 duo
3GB Ram
1GB Video ATI Readeon

I have some pictures about the problem (I've reinstalled the game 4 times and deleting the cache)


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Hey @cesarpunk !
Have you *read* the topic?
There's a way to fix it normally! Try reinstalling the game! :) (I also deleted your topic, since it was a duplicate)

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Cesar! I'd recommend navigating to:

C:/Users/[You]/AppData/Local/Crashlands and deleting the contents of that folder. You may have had something crazy happen during our launch day madness.

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