[Crashlands] Game Crashes even with Dev fix.

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I dont have any folders in local/roaming appdata called "Crashlands" however i do have one called "CrashDumps" which contains a bunch of items, all called very similar things, for example "Crashlands.exe.10128.dmp", i tried deleting them but it didnt change anything.

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HURRRGH! Hmmm...

We'll have to see if anyone else has this problem over the day so we can try to find some points of comparison and diagnose it. Hold tight!

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Thanks :)

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even after i tried the solution of bscotchseth (opting out from the steam beta) im still not able to launch the game
anyone knows another solution?

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Are you getting an error or is it just closing?

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Can't play Crashlands on PC. The game force closing every time.
Sometimes in main manu, sometimes when I hit "Play" button.
Need help.

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I have this same on laptop
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Hey there @tankopunk and @MrBone Firstly have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game from scratch just to make sure you didn't get a borked copy from Steam?

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Hey there @tankopunk
I moved and merged your topic with this one: viewtopic.php?f=63&t=4036&start=10

This issue has already some possible fixes:
Hope this helps :)

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