Crashlands crashing on new game? Try this!

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HELLO! If Crashlands is crashing as you try to start a new game, we've discovered that users who have accented characters in their Windows usernames (like ÄÜé, etc) are unable to start new games (Crashlands... crashes).

This is because the game uses a directory that includes your username, which breaks things with those accents!

To fix this, you will need to run Crashlands from a Windows username that has no accents in it.

Sorry about this! We'd fix it if we could, but it's a limitation of our game engine.

If you happen to have the problem, opening a Guest profile or creating a new profile (without accents) will solve the problem
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I wish I had known this before purchasing the game. :/

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You can still create new user profile under windows. I had to do the same with Dirt3 (I think?).

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