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[Addressed] Lyff egg drop rate still too low

All about playing the game. Tips, tricks, and how to resolve problems. For fans of the game, do not treat this like a support system!
As mentioned in the Discord Chat, Lyff egg drop rate is still too low (LITTLE SPOILER AHEAD )

Also, as mentioned by @iamryzn drop egg rates could increase with enemy size.
Or, to quote Adam:
"I like the idea of higher-level creatures increasing the drop chance"

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I actually think there is a couple of rare drops that could use a little higher drop rates

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Please keep in mind that random chance is just that; completely random.

90% of users might be getting drops within the first 10 resources/creatures, and you might just be one of the 10% where it takes longer. I was really unlucky in that some of my drops took me an hour or two (Though I know iamryzn was up to multiple HOURS, which is bad). So there's got to be a compromise somewhere with most drops, so that it presents enough of a challenge and isn't extremely boringly either.

I like the idea of upping the drop rates on the larger creatures though. Kinda makes it more reward-ish for if/when you manage it.

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We can definitely up the drop rates on larger creatures! Will do that.

Currently, the drop rate of the Lyff egg is the same as every other egg. It also increases with every Lyff you kill!

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I still for the life of me can’t get a luff egg drop. Love this game but can’t advance to stay with it. Sorry for being annoying!

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Nothing to apologize for! Because of how randomness works you might be the unfortunate winner of the "takes forever" reward. That's a bummer, sorry :(

If it's been a stupidly long time that might be worth a support request so that a future update can cap the number of times it takes.


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