All about playing the game. Tips, tricks, and how to resolve problems. For fans of the game, do not treat this like a support system!
Hey everyone!
I know you want to play the game and that bugs are frustrating, but please mind the mods and read this ;)
This is the list of known bugs and how to fix them - if there's a known fix. Please don't make a new topic about those problems.

Please note that we have dedicated subforums for those matters!

Known bugs with fixes:

- Steam Crash On Launch: Username accents Problem ; Steam Beta Test (direct link here)

- "Unable to get a valid license" Bug: here

- "Could not retrieve campaign information" Bug:here and here and another possible fix here

Known bugs without fixes YET:

Please help if you can! ;)

- Steam Crash On Launch: here (try the known fixes before please)

- Crashlands BscotchID Login problems here (be aware that the servers are overloaded, so try to log in a few times first) (should be fixed)

That should be all for now!
I'll try to make a comprehensive version later!
(I'm doubling it as a sticky just in case. I figured I didn't even see those Global anymore)

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