[Closed] Can't get the Wompit Garter

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I was reading another post on how people got this to work with a bug fix that was in the works. However I haven't been able to get a garter for my life, I have about 85 essences now and still no drop. Am I missing something? :?:

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Wompit Garters are craftable items that you then give to your tamed pet to make them grow. The Garter recipe itself comes from the quest "Gartering Hope" which I beleive is given to you buy Juicebox when he's explaining the process. Once you have the recipe from him, and all the components, you can go ahead and craft it and give it to your pet Wompit.

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Thanks, I actually got it finally after killing yet another Sterling Wompit (88 essences later).
Thanks for the reply though I appreciate it. :lol: :D

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Eggs can drop from anything (Normal, Big, Epic) EXCEPT from the smallest normal. For now, each creature has the same drop rate.
However, egg drop rates should become different for each size/level (not sure which one) in an upcoming update!

Just so everyone knows :)

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For g-d's sake dont make the game any grindier than it is. 20 hours still no garter quest!! and only just got squee workstation and level 7 weapon, still cant kill the bigger beasts (midsize & sterling only) or any bats and no tarbils at all, and die really fast with the big green glutterfly. I cannot compleye any quest that requires biggest beasts or tarbils. And I am playing exploration easiest mode!! , becuz I suck at games, but just love them. And I love my wompit. Baby glutterfly is home in bed unused because cant use it yet. Have killed sooo many beasties. So SETH, hope you read this. 1000 or even hundreds are just wayyyy too many. How about making that for hard and insane modes?

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@Basher you should definitely have gotten the garter quest by now. Are you on the most current version of the game? If you've somehow managed to not reboot the game during your entire time playing, you should do that to run the Deborkifier.

As for creature difficulty: bigger versions of a creature are much more challenging with each increased size. A large wompit may be higher level than a medium glutterfly, for example. The key to combat is to come up with a dodge-and-attack strategy specific to each creature. I'm sure there are some good YouTube vidoes around with combat strategies.

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