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So I was playing Crashlands and I was messing with the music and sfx sound options because I was watching Youtube in the background. I lowered the music to either 0% or 20% and sfx to 20% or 40% and played for a while. I didn't think of it much I didn't play more until now and noticed the music was gone. I tried to click on the music option in the options and it changed but no music came, I restarted a few times but nothing happened. The wierd thing is that I could hear all the other sounds but the music (I didn't hear the intro or menu theme either).

I synced my save to the cloud (great feature btw), uninstalled the game and re-installed it. Now it works again.

I don't know what happened. And I searched around the whole web xD And I couldn't find anyone else with this problem. So I'd guess something corrupted my music files somehow. Thought I'd let you know if anyone has the same issue!

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Whoo! Glad you found a fix!

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