[Open] Petty theft- popped bubbles bug

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I encountered a game breaking bug while exploring the bawg, essentially juice box randomly went off to the Southeast saying "THAR SHE BLOWS!" and I thought it would be fine teleported to turn in a quest I had completed. The issue is that due to not following I can't get the next crafting station which has halted all game progress for me.

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Please provide screenshots and such so we can help you :)
Meakitty wrote a nice post about how to do this "helpful post bug". It's on the top of the topic list ;)
Also you should probably able to catch back by going back to where this happened and going in the direction Juicebox went?

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Me to he just run off and nothing happen when i folloed him

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He seems to temporarily run off whenever Flux teleports. Might be in the direction of a waypoint, tombstone, or quest location. He always comes back quickly, but it's usually a good idea to figure out what he was headed toward.

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