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Ok so I'm not 100% sure if this is the right place to put this but I've been playing a quite a bit of crashlands especially on IPhone so that might be the source of some problems.

#1. On iPhone when you craft won put leather armour and it's shows it really big it's very pixilated. Kinda weird should probably be fixed.
#2. I found this Erm...."visual error" on Mac. I slapped one of the totem things that give you limited time power ups I'm not sure what they're called.But one of them have me flight/wings, I was over water when the flight thing ran out and then it just showed flux floated over the water. When I moved his legs didn't move but I could get out of the water. It just looks really deep when he floats over the water without wings or moving his legs.

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Not sure about the armor issue, can you possibly get a screenshot for us?

And the second one's not a bug, it's a safety feature inbuilt into Flux's powersuit. When you fly over water and your flight runs out the suit has enough juice in it to let her hover her way to safety. Flux is a space pilot, not an olympic swimmer. But we don't dwell on her inability to swim, just concentrate on her fantastic ability to.. do... other stuff. Like slapping things.

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I think that the sprite is of lower resolution and that it shows when you collect the armor part (gloves qnd legs I think?)
It was the case in the beta, not sure if Sam and Seth have updated that.

Please tell us if it is that or something else, and a screenshot of some sorts would be really helpful :)

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