All about playing the game. Tips, tricks, and how to resolve problems. For fans of the game, do not treat this like a support system!
If you're finding that you're stuck on a quest, can't hand in a quest item, or are otherwise unsure about what you're supposed to do and where can you please do the following FIRST -then- post the following things in your post if it's still a problem.

1. Exit the game. Completely. Close the app and back out to your desktop.
2. Clear the app list out, don't have anything running in the background, close it all. (PC exception; just make sure the process isn't still running in the background somehow.)
3. If necessary reboot your mobile device, this will make sure that everything's definitely cleared out.
4. Restart Crashlands. Open it up again and check to see if it's checking the server for updates. It'll say in a notification bar at the top of the screen. This will run the fancily titled "Deborkifier" that will check your progress and make sure it's giving you the right stage of a quest.
5. Force a game sync with the server, this will also force it to check to make sure it's up to date and that you're at the right spot on everything.

Find the right thread that contains your problem, if there isn't one then by all means make one, but CHECK FIRST otherwise mods will simply merge your post in the right thread and walk away. We're trying our best to keep everything together to make bug reports easier for the BSBros but you need to do a little bit of work to help us out too please. SEARCH FOR IT. 90% of bug reports are repeats, your answer is probably here somewhere anyway.

Failing that, then by all means start a new thread and include the following:
1. Quest Name: Located in the left hand menu of the quest list, this is the title of the quest you're doing.
2. Character Name: It's usually mentioned in the title or the text.
3. SCREENSHOT 1: The Quest text. SO we know exactly what it says and can figure out exactly what portion of the quest you're on.
4. SCREENSHOT 2: The NPC you're talking to and what they're saying if they're not responding to your attempts to hand in a quest.
5. and/or SCREENSHOT 3: A picture of your map so we know you're in the right area.
6. If you can remember the quest item, where you found it/if you found it, where it was.... add details. Anything you can think of, and I know that sometimes it's tricky because everything's got weird names, but that also makes them unique and if we get the right names we can know exactly what you're up to and what you need to do if it's fixable. If not give us a description of the item or quest or location, or just screenshot everything for us!

We're here to help, but you guys need to meet us halfway please? Details, and patience. We'll get you sorted out, we have an awesome response time for most things, just don't make us answer the same question, or have to wait around for more details post by post. Throw it all together to begin with so we can get you back on track ASAP.

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My grandson is 5 and love the game. I help with some of the quests but he does almost everything himself. Unfortunately, he put fishing holes by the tundra central in the two holes there before he got the quest and now he cannot complete that quest. Same for Jak wanting the Holgram..he found the head before he got the quest and now it won't let him turn it in after getting the quest...does he have to start the game all over?

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You can put fishing holes in the water surrounding the Central podguard as well, so that will get around the problem. With the hologram quest, I believe you can put the hologram back down in that same area and pick it back up to trigger the quest.

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Guys can I have some of your data (of ur gameplay) in android cause my phone has been resented by my little sister when i download crashlands I forgot to save it please share some data the part when grandmammy rounded up some aliens :bslogo:

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