[Fixed] Shock Tactics - No Evil Eyes

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So I grabbed the Shock Tactics quest from Jak in the Savannah, not the Bawg.

I don't seem to have the Evil Eye items he refers to unless I'm just blind. =)

On a sidenote, looks like you can get the Quadropus' Bawg quests from their location in Savannah as well. One quest referred to using the Mk3 harvestbomb on nurva to north which is correct in the Bawg...not so much in the Savannah.

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I think you're supposed to be given those evil eyes for that quest.
If it does not happen, then you may try to craft some (recipe is unlocked through a boss battle in the Savanna if I recall correctly).

Regarding your sidenote, yeah it may be a little mistake. @bscotchsam may know more/how to fix it :)

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When in doubt, check build mode...evil eyes were right in there. :D

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