Pitching Camp - Finding Makalak

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I received the quest meant for the Bawg from Grandmammy in the Savannah. Although Makalak is still in her building when I received the quest, other people may not notice and be confused because there essentially is a piece of strange landscape/skin FAR west in the Savannah (The Creeping Rift).

I had entered the Bawg, didn't do much and went back to the Savannah. I talked to her and then got the quest

When I received the quest:

Quest text, while in the Savannah - no indication that it is meant for the Bawg

Proper quest marker in the Bawg

I found it!

I figured the quest was meant for the Bawg, but I walked around north of The Creeping Rift, obviously not finding anything. But I can see how others may become confused. Maybe even a simple icon indicating which biome a quest is meant for is an easier fix. Once I smacked her again after receiving the quest, she gave me her standard Savannah dialog line about missing Buurl

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OOOH YEAH. The perils of having NPCs existing in multiple places at once! It's a crazy logic puzzle.

A problem for @bscotchsam to solve!

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