Elder glidopus: Where can I find them?

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I have been searching for a while now for an elder glidopus. Anyone have s general area to find them or any advice to finding one? I need it's.... Essence.
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@kakichan2 The more epic the creature, the further from the center you'll find it, but only so long as that creature type is plentiful in the first place. For example Glidopi get replaced by Zugs as you get pretty far out, so you won't find any out there. Stick the the muddy areas where there are still plenty of Glidopi. All epic creatures are super rare, but they do respawn after a couple hours and their spawn points are defined (meaning, if you find one at a certain spot you can throw a sign down to come back to it later).

Glutterflies have a similar distribution pattern, but are much rarer so the Epics are even harder to find.

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Excellent! Good to know! I've found plenty of epic glutter flies but can't seem to stumble back across an elder glidopus! I will keep trying!

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