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Seriously.. What's the drop rate for the 3 'Baits'!?
I got the Tundra one before the quest..
I've been fishing for days at Savanna and Bawg, but I still can't find them! :cry:

Can you get it from 'Crafted' fishing holes or it's only from natural ones?
Can you get it from using Fish Magnet or you must fish them manually one by one?
Is there certain requirements to get it?

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Baits? As in the lure trinkets, or as in the set of 3 "Gongs"?

IF you mean the wobbleygong, bonkagong and jackagong... they're legendary items with a very low % chance of finding them, but they will show themselves eventually. There's one in every biome, and having the "bait" trinket helps your chances insomuch as it increases the number of items available in schools of fish to catch. With more "fish" around you're collecting more items with each attempt at fishing, and thus have a higher chance to catch what you need at the time.

You can get them any which way; using Flux-made fishing holes or natural, or using chembobbers or doing it manually. The rate doesn't change, it's just really low because of their legendary status. SO keep at it. Took me 3 weeks of playing to get it, so you'll get it eventually too.

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Their drop rates are super low. The idea was that most players would get at least one of the three just by fishing, which would make them a fun surprise. But the drop rate is too low to just go regular fishing and hope to get them on purpose: you'll need to use the tools the game provides to increase your fishing efficiency as much as possible.

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