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Ten Tonne Bomb recipe

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Can a BS staff confirm where can the ten tonne bomb recipe drop, and from which biome? I have been hunting for this recipe for days nonstop, I'm not exaggerating. I have cut down thousands of resources and defeated hundreds of enemies, and fished at every single spot I come across, in both Savannah and Bawg, still no sign of it. Is this a bug or something? Old recipes will stop dropping if I'm too far into questline?

I have Googled for this already so I don't really need confirmation from players on where they got it, because I've already tried everything I've seen:

- I have cut down countless Nurva plants
- Turned a huge patch of Bawg into empty land
- Killed countless Tartils/Zugs/Wats
- Killed countless Satgats/Throak/Bamlis

If a BS staff can just confirm where this thing drops that'll be great. If it's something I've already tried then I'll just assume it's a bug and will give up getting it. Bugs are inevitable in large games like this. No big deal as Tartil is not that useful anyways.

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Ten tonne bomb is not a quest reward. Pet catalysts are never quest rewards.

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Probably because you need items from the Savannah too (dusk crystals). And break Squee too. That should do it :)

I'd add to what Sw33tGr3y quoted from Adam: if you're sure it's not from quest but still can't get it, you're probably destroying the wrong biome ;)

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I got it from fishing in Savanna :D

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Pet catalyst recipes are most definitely sometimes quest rewards (EDIT: even if this is not one of those times).
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It's not a quest reward.

Item recipes can drop from the type of resources that drops their components. For example, if a recipe calls for Sawdust, it's possible that it will drop from Logtrees.

Whichever items build into the catalyst, check which resource they come from and focus your efforts there!

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Hope this helps:


Looks like you want to farm some squee and dusk crystals, like Ulnarevern said above.

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Would it drop from dusk crystals though? I mean the dusk shards, or whatever they are called, are kinda like second-hand dusk crystal items.

Try chopping down squees and fishing, since those are the activities that both drop squocoons :)

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Probably need to chop SQEE. The drop system only works for harvested, not crafted, components.

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