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@resqcreeper2 I did consider adding Fat Fish on the screen, but since you can fish up a limitless number of them, I decided not to include them. Also not shown are 2 Whizboxes (since they are components, not furniture) and all the other fishing-related exclusive items that technically are not crafted (the four gongs) - though I did choose to include the four perk-unlocked quest rewards. I think I've found a few more things (or more likely a few more of a specific thing) since taking this screenshot, but we lost an hour of sleep today (THANKS DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!) so I honestly can't actually remember if that's true.

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How do you pick up (not cut up) those fat fish?

How are the blue lights picked up? After Graam's ancient glutterfly quest finished and other stuff in that quadrant, I still couldnt pickup those pretty lites.

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Build mode for fat fish.

As for lights and stuff -- you'd have to find them in a pickup-able outpost. Most outposts are non-pickupable, but there are a few that do have pickupable components. Pro tip: when a quest requires you to place something in an outpost, you can usually pick it back up after the quest completes (e.g. the golden snare and the water pump).

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:fatfish: I love fat fish. They're great for hugs.

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I really love the glowroots tendraam gather around, and I wish there were more outposts with pick-upable glowroots (So far I've only received a flower of Maarla (from Burl), four tendraam torches and an Expression of Maarla (from Caarta). I wish the egg-shaped orange glowroots were available to the player at one time or another as well. But I guess making stuff hard to obtain makes them even more valuable, so that can be a good thing.

Edit: Ah! Just worked out what you're missing: Brubus codewall
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@Hippogriff12 - :highfive: Good call on the codewall! I have that now (and I think a couple more lights or something?) but haven't taken the time to re-collect all my stuff from my various bases and get a new screenshot of everything together. I should do that.

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OH MY GOD I DIDNT KNOW YOU COULD PICK UP FATFISH!!! IVE BEEN DECONSTRUCTING THOSE CUTE FAT THINGS :( :( :(:(:(:( are they furniture? like they dint dissapear after u log out?

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They can be used as furniture, or as a farm system to increase your chances getting a gong.

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:fatfish: does it count as spam if the spam is a beautiful and majestic creature.

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I found a way to exploit the use of the fat fish when entering the tundra for the first time. (I suppose it would work for Bawg too but I didn't realize this at that time) I saved up as many fat fish as I could and when entering the tundra, busted the fat fish open, (didn't have the tundra fishing pole yet) and since the fat fish drop fishing items which can be found from fishing in whatever biome you are in, I was able to find fish loot needed to craft the fish style armors from tundra before I could even fish the needed components to make the armor the normal way....

Luckily I didn't glitch or bug my game and get stuck... I was just able to complete quests in a different order than you would normally be able to complete them if you followed them normally getting the fishing rod first.

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