Fishing for gongs

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I hope this wasn't asked before....

I'm sure I found the jackagong in bawg before I received the quest from tundra, not knowing what it was.

They're weapons right? Are they weapons that can unfortunately be scrapped/scavenged? Or like the epic rare items, are you stuck with them? (Hopefully stuck, because I usually scrapped all armors and weapons other than my latest most powerful stuff.

Ugh this gong quest is gonna drive me up a tree...

About 5 minutes after I posted this, I found the jackagong in my inventory AND found the tundra whatever gong it is. THAT LEAVES ONLY WOBBLYGONG in savannah. Yessss!!!
I'm still going thru tundra so at some point soon here I'm gonna give the savannah a cavity search nonstop until I find it. God, love this game!! I'm glad I waited and got this game at the latest patch with updated features and hope I don't finish it too soon before creator...

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