[CLOSED]Help! Why i cant evolve my pet?

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I have been try to evolve my wompit with wompit garter and nothing change then i try to evolve my glutterfly but that was not change at all
This is a bug or what?
Note: iam already stabled the pet

Can anyone help me please
[Sorry for my bad engglish]

Thanks for the solution
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Make the pet stabled in its nest then tap the icon of the thing that makes them bigger :bslogo:

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Are you the guy from jeuxvideo.com or are you someone else?
(jump to the last point if you are that person)

What we need to know:
- Did you just craft the item or did you give it to your pet already (put it in stable > click > click the icon of the Garter)? If you didn't see the animation, then you probably haven't given the Garter to your pet yet

- If you already gave one Garter to your Wompit and it didn't evolve, try crafting and giving your Wompit another one

- What version of the game are you on? (stable/beta, PC, Android, iOS)
(I take it that the answer will be and Beta version). Please put "Android" somewhere in your original post too please ;)

- If you are in beta, you should have a "Give Feedback" button in your Pause menu. Please give feedback in there (and provide the informations from the previous points), so the bros can catch your save in the cloud and try to find out what's wrong!

Hope this helps, this definitely sounds like a bug...

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My gutterfly as well is not evolving after two glutternets attempts :(

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Please refer to Ulnarevern's post above. If you are using the QoL beta please use the in game feed back button instead of posting on the forums.

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