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Is there a secret to getting a blastcrab egg?

I'm guessing it's in a pressurized blastcrab, but I've killed 40+ of each kind, including lords and liquid-cooled, and no luck yet.

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I can't recall all the Blastcrab names, but all of them have the chance to drop an egg EXCEPT the baby ones. If the babies did that'd just be gross. With that said I think it works on a drop chance that gets better as you kill more. So keep killing and you're bound to get one.

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I killed lords and pressure cooled but not the blue epic ones, and got an egg well before 40. But maybe my drop rate is easier on an easier mode.

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I have same problem too,maybe it's a bug or your game is not genuine

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I played for a few weeks, every evening, just killing 40-50 blastcrabs each sitting, never got an egg, have killed over a thousand by now. Have an epic Gulanti with me.

Am on iPad.

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