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All about playing the game. Tips, tricks, and how to resolve problems. For fans of the game, do not treat this like a support system!
SUP GUYS. Listen up, thanks the amazing @bscotchcarol the Butterscotch website ( is being redone! HERE'S THE THING. SHE NEEDS YOUR HELP. Yeah, you read that correctly no need to swap over to your reading eyeballs. As a Crashlands player you've acquired a very specific set of skills. Ones that you didn't have when you first started. We need those skills to be put into a string of letters and spaces. BETTER YET, into tips and tricks for players who have never played Crashlands. Just give that reply button a nice little poke and plop down those letters and spaces and maybe just maybe you'll find your advice on the new website!

SPEAKING OF ADVICE I've got some for you! I know you're excited, but keep one thing in mind when writing "Would this help me?" Your reply should be insightful without being too long of a read. Think lots of help little words. NOW GO WRITE TIP AND/OR TRICK!

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-wrings hands and watches thread intently-

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If the quest is bugged:
- Read that quest log and those pretty lines
- Try collecting/hovering the quest object
- Keep searching!

Except if you have OCD or you're a masochist, DON'T try to get all the armor sets with a rare level! You'll get better stuff soon enough!
Same applies for the Megagong. Not everyone's supposed to have it.

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Watch out bad guys do damage. So be sure not to get hit by them or it will hurt.

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Play with a stylus, if on a touch device. It will make it easier to see the monsters who had been hiding behind your hand, and it makes it easier to do precision movements and "dance" around those monsters who are making all sorts of patterns while trying to kill you.

Just keep fishing - or don't. Play the game your way, and when someone talks about how they played the game differently, compare notes and absolutely do not push them into a lake. Every successful play style is successful.

Don't build bases on the bus. You will get rocked around and put floors all willy-nilly. Yeah, the're easy to pick up, but just do yourself the favor.

Just because you can pick up infinite items doesn't mean you have to kill every single mob you come across. Allow yourself the luxury of letting something live, so that you can focus on your missions and don't get anxious about whether or not you have killed enough vomma.

Bombs. Bombs, bomb-bombs, bombs. Bombs? Bombs!

When in doubt, just pick any old direction and run that way as fast as you can for as long as you can stand it. You will be surrounded by huge, dangerous, exciting monsters. It'll be worth your time.

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Here are some things to explain some GUI things (which I was puzzled by on the first day), plus some tips.

The lower left Flux icon opens the inventory. The grid in middle of this screen then shows her gear, with each row a general gear type (tools, trinkets, armor, throwable/consumable. There's also two extra cells on the right side of this grid for weapon of choice and a torch. Tap each cell in the grid to equip unequip, and what you have for that row shows along the bottom. The little icons to the right of the gear grid are used to sort the inventory by type... bombs, tools, edibles... The bottom of the grid is for stuff you use actively like ranged weapon, bomb, edible, healing potion etc.

Does your memory suck? No problem. Your infinisuit inventory lists how much of each item. And your crafting machines keep track of what recipes you have acquired and what you need to make them, and if you have enough for each recipe. Tap your crafting machine to see what you can make. As you play, you will be acquiring recipes as you get them from npc's and gathering stuff. The machines show acquired recipes with pictures (and a checkmark if new). The machine items that only have outlines are ones you don't yet have a recipe for. Tap a recipe item and the mid screen will show its ingredients needed. Red quantity numbers on an ingredient means not enough - the numbers over an item show total on hand and required number. White numbers means enough to make at least one of that recipe. Tap each ingredient for info on what it comes from.

Tip: As soon as you can, make an extra machine of each type and leave it in inventory, i.e. Flux will carry it in the infinisuit. You won't have to run back to base to craft stuff, e.g. more bombs, fish bait, or bridge materials.

Carry extra flooring to use when crossing water as you explore. The machines make floor prices really fast.

Your in-game book that has the quest log (lower left corner) also has a handy "Data" tab, which is little encyclopedia on each animal you encounter. Note this lists what the animal's weaknesses are (handy for fighting it) and what buffs it gives as a pet.

You can carry your favored pets in their beds in the inventory infinisuit during your travels, if you want to conveniently switch out pet fighting methods for different opponents without going back home. They just need to be on their bed to be picked up, and pet beds need to be on any kind of floor. Just put 2 pieces of flooring down, and then an empty pet bed on one and the alternate pet onto the other. Put current pet onto empty bed and pick it up, then call the alternate pet off its bed, pick up the mat and bed, and off to the races.

You will get a recipe for a little bed. This allows you to move time forward by a little nap (handy to switch from day to night or vice versa), which also restores health. Sleep is Good. Make two beds, one for home base to recover if you get beat up and respawn there, and one bed to put down out in the field. Don't feel like dealing with night bats or throaks along your way, until you can beat them? When night comes, just slap down a mat and the bed, and snooze safely away in the presence of thine enemies until morning.

If you don't yet have enough of something, just collect materials on your way as you trot around; and next time you check you'll probably have plenty. If it tends to be less common or found further out, post a sign when you find it, to mark your map.

Tap any inventory item and a description pops up-- including buffs and level of gear items, trinket item buffs, and type and percent of damage for each bomb.

You can make pot slappers (starting in Bawg?) to more efficiently harvest potted plants. Also you can make a pot slapper slapper which triggers a lot of pot slappers at the same time by lasers, when you get to Tundra biome. Looks really cool and is very efficient!

There are lots of different lights you can craft which look really great at night. If you use lots of lights at your homebase, the game may slow a little due to increased graphics processing for many lights. I think BScotch said this in a forum page somewhere. It does on my Samsung S4 phone anyway; may be dependent upon characteristics of device used. I didn't mind because I love eye candy, especially those tundra torches, but this may bug some mobile players.
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That is... woah

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Not too fond of grinding? Collecting everything around you while doing all the quests should grant you enough stuff to craft what you need (most of the time)

READ EVERYTHIIIIIIIIING! It's useful for quests, plus Bscotch sass that'll make you giggle like the crazy person you are.

Find Caarta at the beginning of a new biome. It'll show you some spots for rather rare resources. And you'd probably appreciate that.

Fishing can be relaxing. Much less when you're being crushed to death. Be careful.

First playthrough? Don't be a hero. Try Easy or Normal to discover the game. Insane is insane and Challenge is challenging. Enough to drive you crazy if you can't handle it.

Randomness gods can be huge trolls. If you haven't that thing yet you're just unlucky. Keep going or go do something else.

Two eggs isn't a bug, it's a hidden functionality. Sadly you can't trade it.

You didn't die. You strategically backed up in the heat of a hard fight and lost some stuff in the process.

No death run is a no-no, in case you were wondering.

Map? Map! Use it and abuse it, it's a fancy tool.

With some skill and knowledge of the game, Easy and Adventure modes are rather easy. You can skip armor/weapon tiers and not craft a lot of potions and bombs. Don't try that on harder difficulties.

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Switch what items and trinkets you have equipped depending on what you are doing. If you need to get somewhere fast, equip the speed boosting items and maybe chug a potion or two. If you are harvesting or fishing, equip items that will help you do that. Remember to switch out your items before going into a big boss fight, because you can't switch mid battle.

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Do not challenge a verdant gildopus early in the game. They don't drop anything special.

Caarta is found west near the escape pod.

Craft pots and plant stuff even if you don't need it, You might need it soon.

Don't try to excellent all your gear (Green or above is enough). It's a waste of time.

Fish when you find an active pond.

Perk quests gives good items.

If you are fishing for a gong, The size of the "balls" does not seem to matter.

Don't eat healing materials you find. Always craft and use the best potion available.

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