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All about playing the game. Tips, tricks, and how to resolve problems. For fans of the game, do not treat this like a support system!
One of the most helpful tips I read early is buy a ton of signs and place them when you find interesting things (rare creatures and components). When you run across them drop a sign. Once collected, you can come back in a few hours and harvest again after they respawn.

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Yes, while you are crafting make about 20 signs to carry.
Yes, healing restorative potions are better than their individual ingredients so gather or farm a bunch and use healing potions made from them.
Yes speed potions and trinket (s) very handy. Love that "55" trinket that speeds up your steps for little spurts, very handy in battle.
There are strange little pedestals scattered around that are different colors and click activate, providing healing or a buff that lasts a good number of minutes. You may want to stick a sign there, like if a flying or turbofishing buff is conveniently located.

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No boss can withstand the might of D-BOT! (I only played normal mode so I don't know about the other modes)

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D-bot is amazing and even more so when coupled with the time warper! You guys have covered a lot of stuff but no one mentioned the creature resistances. In the compendium under the data tab, I believe, you can find info on the flora and fauna of Woanope. Under each creature you can see what they resist, for example, blastcrabs have 100% resistance to fire, so using a flamethrower or the Big Red is pointless and a waste of time against them. Also, as stated before, use a lot of signs, especially late game if you are trying to evolve all of your pets or are fishing for the megagong.

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