10k floors!

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ive always been wandering...
does floor coverings count towards crafting 10k floors perk. if not i think it should. :geek:

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It's the number of floors crafted, so only floors are taken into account, not what you put on it if that was what you were thinking about :)

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Floor coverings are those stepping stone-like floors. (Some look like mats)
Since they have their own category I don't think they count as a normal floor.

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They probably don't count, but also probably should ;)

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Hmmm hey why not? (Except BS devs have tons more pressing stuff on their plates to do). I use them for nonskid floor areas or like a mat to wipe feet where entering somewhere... Also there's the fuschia polka-dot texture flooring thing in tundra. Both don't organize into the flooring category but are seen under miscellaneous (infinity symbol) inventory category.

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