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Farming in Crashlands in an absolute must. Farms will make the game so much easier. Here are the basics of farming and all things... Farm.

Pot Slappers
Pot Slappers and Pot Slapper Beamers make farming so simple. Although these recipes are reasonably late game you should use them as soon as possible. Set up an arrangement of 1 surrounded by 8 pots and continue this pattern for as long as you want. Place a Pot Slapper Beamer in the centre and magic away. The number of items you collected in 10 minutes could be easily collected by Pot Slappers in a matter of seconds. I cannot stress the helpfulness of Pot Slappers enough.

Each biome (Savanna, Bawg and Tundra) has its own type of soil. The Savanna has Furdle Dirt, the Bawg has Furdle Blulch and the Tundra has Furdle Frost. I strongly suggest you collect as much dirt as possible. Late game or early game farms can always help. Always have something growing and always replant. It will take very little time to collect from a farm and the profit is highly beneficial. Why would you not want tons of resources?

Harvest Bombs
Without Pot Slappers, harvest bombs are the way to go. The Harvest Bomb, Harvest Bomb Mk3 and the Harvest Bomb Mk5 take few resources and can be very helpful especially earlier in the game. That's really everything to it.

I know this post was rather short and didn't go into rigorous detail but I really cannot stress the importance of farms enough. They are so useful in so many different circumstances and are just all around a good thing.

~ JesterAA

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I agree about the farming!
However I don't really understand the use of harvestbombs. It seems like they just make harvesting a little faster, at the cost of some resources. Any help?

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Harvestbombs make farming a lot faster at the cost of small amount of resource (You get 3 per craft). However, It's effect is only obvious in big farms where the resources are adjacent to each other.

Waterbomb + Harvestboom = Tons of resources in a short amount of time.

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Thanks– I will probably grow to cherish harvestbombs in a few (in-game) hours, then! :geek:

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