The smiling/sad face indicator on top left of screen

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I've tried searching and poking around a few places but I couldn't quite articulate what I'm looking for, so here goes:

On the gameplay screen, top left corner, it shows the little pic of Dabes, and the pic of whatever pet is with you. Between that is a picture of a happy face and going down it has a sad face. I'm assuming this is some sort of "how happy is your pet" bar, or some such.

Can anyone elaborate? This one completely escapes me and I don't know if I missed it being brought up in game.

I love crash lands and have been playing since Flop Rocket. I absolutely love these devs, they are the recipe to success in the gaming industry.

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Those faces are actually linked to the statuses that affect you!
Happy face = buffs (heal, speed, damage... Shrine stuff too)
Sad face = bad effects (poison, burning...)

Hope this helps :)

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Yep! Buffs make you happy, and debuffs make you sad. :(

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