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(Mild spoilers for folk who haven't tried the Juicemancy quests)

I have gotten to the point where I have to collect 80 Crystallized Juice from the Bawg to make the Juiceforge. I have been searching for about half an hour and have only managed to find 6. Is there an easier way to collect these? (Like a potted version) Or I am looking in the wrong places?

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Tips on Juice!
- Juice comes from EVERYTHING! So the more stuff you harvest and destroy, the better. Planting seeds and using harvestbombs is a great way to ramp up your juice intake.
- There are Juice Crystal Clusters all around Woanope. They are big blue shiny things poking up out of the ground. If you see one, mark it with a sign so you can return later on. Juice Crystal Clusters will regenerate after about 6 hours or so.


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Thanks so much! I didn't realize you could get juice from other stuff. And I'll be sure to mark those clusters on my map when I see them. Thanks again! You guys are great!

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