2 Questions of Beasts and Bosses

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1. I noticed that the Gulanti and Gallum provide "creature hunting" and "treasure hunting" as benefits for being domesticated, so...
Does Creature hunting mean you find powerful and epic creatures more often, or that creatures drop more loot?
Does Treasure hunting mean you are more likely to find more plants, more legendary items, or more loot in plants? (Will that help my JUICE COLLECTING?)

2. I am playing around with juicemancy, and doing a lot of channeling. What I'd like to know is what type of attack does Hewgo use? I want to know whether to channel a lot of juice into my electric resist, or fire resist etc.

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Creature hunting means that special creatures have a higher chance of appearing.
Treasure hunting increases the chance to find legendary items. Unfortunately treasure hunting does not boost your juice collection!

Hewgo's attacks are mostly electrical, with some physical (the stomp attack).

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